You Can’t Skip Chapters That’s Not How Life Works

You Can't Skip Chapters That's Not How Life Works

You Can’t Skip Chapters That’s Not How Life Works. You Have to Read Every Line Meet Every Character. You Won’t Enjoy All of It. Hell, Some Chapters Will Make You Cry for Weeks. You Will Read Things You Don’t Want to Read, You Will Have Moments When You Don’t Want the Pages to End. But You Have to Keep Going. Stories Keep the World Revolving. Live Yours, Don’t Miss Out.

Courtney Peppernell

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3 thoughts on “You Can’t Skip Chapters That’s Not How Life Works”

  1. he hard part becomes the good ones when you reach the end of the book. I skip chapters too especially when it’s so like “Lés Miserables” but I get back to it again and realize it’s worth. I sometimes watch the end of a movie or a teleserye when I can be able to, read the end of the book and then go back to it. when I was young I usually read my Mills&Boons cover to cover and would hurriedly finish one book until the wee hours. That’s how we lived hurriedly in youth, skipping chapters trying to see the beautiful ending. It gets you out of the hard part because you know of happy endings. Now that I’m on my final journey, the chapters I hurriedly get through or painstakingly took made me realized that those chapters were the best parts that made me who I am and where I am today, and I’m sure is a happy ending.

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