You Can’t Make Homes Out Of Humans

You Can't Make Homes Out Of Humans

You can’t make homes out of humans,
my life is not a fire to keep you warm,
my arms aren’t walls to protect you,
from your own internal storm.

My heart is not a light switch,
for you to turn on when you please,
and I can’t carry the weight of your regret,
Because I’m buckling at the knees.

My legs may not be a solid foundation,
But they aren’t yours on which to build,
And the holes in my heart can fit us both,
But you do not decide how they’re filled.

You can’t make homes out of humans,
And I won’t let you in just because you have knocked.
And if you keep using my heart as a doormat,
next time you’ll find the door locked.

– E.H. –

20 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Homes Out Of Humans”

  1. My former lover, I hate you not for your fake love,kisses,hugs, and laugh but for how you played with my heart and then broke it into pieces
    The worst part is, now I have to fix my broken heart and every pieces reminds me of your fake love,laugh,hugs,kisses and your fake assurance ,"Baby,I ain't gonna leave you alone ever"

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