I can’t help but to notice how effortlessly obvious and intoxicating these two stranger’s connection in front of me. They are both lighting up. He was at the stage playing the organ and was staring at her while singing Alapaap by Eraserheads. She was sitting in front of the stage staring back at him.

After the last song, he went to her. Approaching them, I asked, “How long have you been together?”

“We’re just friends.” They replied.

That isn’t surprising. I know a lot of people who are too blind to see what’s in front of them. I am not a chemist but can see through their eyes the chemistry. The body language hides nothing. Signs and signals of a love story waiting to happen.

Chemistry as define is a simple “emotion” that two people get when they share a special connection. It is not necessarily sexual. It is the impulse feeling of “we click”.

Now tell me if what I saw between those eyes’ sparks, skipped heartbeats and flushed cheeks are not chemistry. Without thinking hard, it is.

If chemistry is present, why are they not together? They really like each other.

Chemistry is just the beginning of what’s to come. When we finally have this insane chemistry with someone, we want to not only keep it but also to grow it into a full-fledged relationship.

There are two parts to a relationship. One part comes naturally and the other, you must work for it. These people are still in the first part, chemistry, and attraction. The question is, when are they going to step up to the second part which is purpose and effort?

I asked them, “How long have you been friends, anyway?” They answered, “Almost a year now.”

Judging from their connection, it seems that they have known each other for a very long time. That year of natural connection made them codependent with each other. That’s what chemistry do. Another thing is, they surely share the same passion and interest because, in the first place, it was the strong foundation of their continuing involvement.

However, they must think that at some point, they need to stop lying about the way certain things make them feel. I know they’re holding it. They’re hiding it. Truth is, we can’t force chemistry to exist when there is none just as we can’t deny it when there is. Even good actors and actresses can’t fake it. 

The connection they have isn’t going away. It will only be getting stronger. The more they spend time with each other, the closer they want to be. Only time will tell. They’re enjoying the connection without making assumptions about the nature of it too soon. They’re trying to play out and trying to remain conscious and curious as it does.

Someone once told me, if you have chemistry you only need one thing. Timing. But sometimes, timing is not cooperative. So, they need to be careful. Someday, when they are ready or not, it’s either they will fill each other with love or break each other’s hearts.After a couple of months, do you want to know how their story end?

We saw each other again. I asked them, “How are you two?” Unfortunately, they chose the latter which left them in pieces. Chemistry is great and things flows smoothly but that’s not always the case. The guy has a girlfriend now. The girl? Well, she’s doing fine I guess. Or just pretending to be.

At some point, I was convinced that they already met their soulmates (each other) because I was so blinded by the feels only to later discover that they aren’t compatible at all. 

This left me thinking that even if two persons have strong chemistry, that doesn’t mean they are compatible or should be together. Sometimes chemistry mistakenly draw us to believe that we are destine to each other.

Realizing that chemistry can attract us to the wrong person made me question, “Is chemistry always a good thing or it’s just another reason of hope that leaves us broken in the end?”

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