You can not hide!


Your heart is full of love but when it creates misunderstanding with the one whose heart is conmected with yours, it start to burn like fire.

When a person breaks your trust, cheats you or plays game with your feelings, you will become tired with being that person.

You don’t need to tolerate their misbehaviour or disrespecting nature towards you. You have your own life, own rules, own happiness and you are worth it.

Don’t expect that some other person makes you happy. Nobody can make your life happy/beautiful. Only you can.

Nobody can ruin your life, Nobody can disappoint you either, until you open up yourself in front of them. They will steal your informations and weakness and take advantages of it.

Just leave them as they are.

Accept them, they can not change for you or they can not be the person you want to make them.

They are what they learned.

You are what you learned.

Dont judge them, Just remove all the toxic persons from your life. Your life will become more peaceful and happier than ever. Be Yourself.

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