You are the Messenger!

You are the Messenger!
Don’t forget you are a messenger, you are the voice of others who have not found their voice
Time to wake up and remember.
Remember who you are, remember where you came from.
Remember we are one, remember this is an illusion, a dream within a dream.
You are one with God, You are the divine spark, the universe is inside you, never forget the holy gift of forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love.
Shine your love and light out to the world, keep your frequency high and look for the signs to receive the messages.
Not only in this world at stake, both vast amount of other planets, species, and inhabitants. You have made a choice to rise and be the warrior, god/goddess that you are before you came back here.

You are strong and with each lesson makes you unbreakable and you will reach nirvana now, as it is in you and the new world is happening.
You must be apart of the solution, the world is changing, evolution has begun, world peace is here. Now, it is our turn to teach and help those receive this message and wake up from the 3d world that has been created.

We are gods children, we are angels of the light, with the protections of all archangels, god, gods and goddesses, Gaia and every sacred spirit in the sky and above we are loved and are LOVE.
We must make this new world peaceful the way they had meant us to have it. A free land, free food, free water, necessities for one and all.
The end human animal and earth suffering, it is healing and rebuilding.
I will always bow down at gratitude and humble for each breathes, experience and message and signs I receive on a daily base.
I am blessed and honored to give my life to this cause as I have signed up for this and would not have had it any other way.
Each lesson, each tear, each loss, each pain, because I am still alive and with these experiences, I experienced the good and was blessed to know the ones who have touched my heart and soul.
I reach into myself and reach up to my higher self and I call upon myself to be the Hero in my own story I have created.
I am no longer a victim, a survivor, I am everything and nothing at the same time. I am infinite and will rise above this. We are capable are more than we could ever imagine, all we have to do is believe.

In belief, faith and conviction we bring forth a new world, a new message, a new hope, new world, we bring peace and love to all we encounter, This is my life mission, to serve my higher self, service the divine plan and go without fear and have courage and strength at all times knowing that my protectors are always behind, besides, sideways and all around me at all times.
Have no fear my child, now go and fight, light up the dark. Keep int the spiral, keep focus, meditate, eat healthily, drink more water take care of this vessel.
Do not restrict your mind for you know now everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

Let your ego become friends but do not them her take control.
Find balance each day, stay grounded, be in nature, be in love with everything you touch and everything you see.
You were right all along.
We say the story is beginning, but truly the store never ended, it has only expanded.
We have expanded and exploded.
We choose to be here right now in this moment, we must hold on and stay within the balance.
I cannot remember what came in this lifetime before the moment where I became “awake” before I remembered who I am and to know that I still know nothing.
But am humble for what I do know and excited to be humbled to know and see more.
The future is bright and I am excited to fly and be the light, become one with all. To feel and embrace this life, ready to come alive.
Are you with me? Yes, I AM ready.
Smile trust, belief, have faith and embrace the unknown, God has you, we are all with you. Have no fear, leave the past, it is farther behind then you could ever fathom, now it is time to write the story of how we achieved world peace! Time is NOW! It has just begun!
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