You are special Too

You are special Too

The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.

It’s a mistake most of us make. But it’s never too late. Let the words sink deep within. Remember you are the most special being in Your Life. <3

11 thoughts on “You are special Too”

  1. Yes… It is only when we are love that if we keep in check a few things, we can be happy. What is today. Might not be tomorrow and so on. The trick is to give what you can without being hard on yourself. Have seen this movie Eat Pray Love. Watch it. It opened my mind a lot.

  2. It's depending on your wish towards the losing if I am behind a girl or love I think m doing something wrong but once it's comes to my spiritual way m ready to loose myself in meditation let me lost my self with good karma. let me ruined myself for humanity I have no issues no ego no dignity no excuse m ready.

  3. And the most beautiful thing is when that someone loves you back during the process of you loving them. That's when you realize, you are more special than you can ever see yourself as. And that's when you realize, that's the most wonderful way of losing yourself.

  4. When we love someone deeply, blindly and with obsessed manner, we often forget our own entity that there is also something special in me .It is a situation when our mind , our consciousness and our intellect are deeply engrossed in emotional exuberance . A deeply obsessed mind for someone can not discriminate. In spirituality it is a statge called "Maya". We live in an illusory fantasy world. But when we start loving the divine intellect and deeply engrossed in love and gratitude, we may forget our value in front of the supreme intellect called God. It is a journey from inferior intellect to superior intellect. … from jeebatman to Parammatman.

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