You Are My Daughter

You are my daughter, go move the mountains,

You are my daughter, shake the wild with your voice,

Make earth shiver, create tremble in the sea,

You are my daughter, get strong from inside.

Teach the lion, how to hunt again!

Teach the elephant to do the triumph!

How to dance in happiness, tell the peacock,

Achieve your goal at the speed of a leopard!

You are my daughter, go higher than the sky,

You are my daughter, go deeper in the earth,

You are my daughter, heat the sun today,

You are my daughter, teach the moon how to shine today.

Get up and slam every trouble that comes in the way,

Let every sorrow dance on your command, that torments you,

Give a shock to those who hurt you,

Embrace the blessings of the parents,

Whole life that works!

You are my daughter, like an arrow aim your targets,

You are my daughter, mix feeder into the dust,

You are my daughter, keep your head high always

You are my daughter, remember the protector,

You are my daughter, I am proud of you, you are my pride!

You are my daughter, be your own vanity, be self-aware!

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Ravinder Virdi
Helping you get from where you are, to where you want to be is how I define my expertise in helping you dealing with life changes. Life coaching helps in an in-depth way that crosses all the contexts of your life. For example stress management, goal setting, and dealing with life changes are important in your personal life, your social life, and in public arenas. A life coach helps you, in just about any context, to do things like ... get unstuck, climb out of your box create healthy habits , have more fun ,unleash your creativity , improve your relationships ,connect to your life purpose and your inner passions , develop your leadership potential ,identify and reach your goals Helping you discover the answers you probably already have inside yourself. I may have strategies to help you to find resources in yourself, in your professional world, and in your community for the important answers you are looking for.
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