You Are Enough

You Are Enough

You Are Enough

Why wasn’t I enough?

When you have gone through many situations that have changed you, you keep continuously asking yourself what’s wrong with you and why people just can’t stay in your life longer. It hurts because you want someone to give you the love you have for him/ her, but you end up in pain because you realize that he or she has never felt the same. After this, you keep asking yourself the above question.

So today, I want to tell you, dear broken soul, that it’s ok to be left by someone you care for. It’s ok to feel weak, to feel that your wounds continue to bleed sometimes. It’s ok that you found yourself sometimes thinking about this. But, don’t you dare to think that it’s a problem with you. You deserve someone who will treat you way better. There is a time to let go of negative emotions and everything that tears you down. In time, you’ll realize that you are enough. You are beautiful. You are loved exactly for who you are.

And now I want to say something for you, maybe the one who has never experienced a story like this. Maybe you know people who are fighting a battle of this kind. There is nothing more worthy of compassion than a broken soul which is craving love it didn’t receive. Please, if you know people like these don’t judge them. Don’t say that they are like the others. Weep with those who weep. Make them believe in the attractiveness of their personality. And if you came through something like this, please, don’t make someone go through the same thing that has ruined you. You are here to be a ray of light. Be it. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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