You Are Always Worthy; A Chat With God

You Are Always Worthy A Chat With God

When you feel like you are doing everything wrong and nothing ever goes right, here are a few encouraging words to remind you that it is going to be alright.

Big Mama, I got scared.

-That’s okay baby.

I don’t feel like it is okay. You don’t get it, I have been scared forever. I just stopped doing what I want to do and I did nothing instead.

-That’s okay baby.

No, it isn’t. It can’t be, I should be so much further ahead but I’m too weak to be brave.

-That’s okay baby.

No, I’m not making progress. I’m frozen.

-Is that true?

Kind of… I’m not where I want to be or feel like I will ever get there.

-Have you made progress?

Yes…. In somethings, I have made a lot of progress.

-How do you feel about the things you have made progress on?

I guess they have taken a back seat to what I haven’t done. I hadn’t noticed that.

-That’s okay baby. Do you notice it now?

Yes. I have made a lot of progress in so many things and I am grateful for it! Now that I stop and pause and reflect.  I forget that life isn’t all or nothing. Even baby steps mean progress. I am a lot further from the start than I realized.

It’s not possible to always live fully in the moment and that is okay. You will always have desires and goals and ambitions, that is the fun of being human. You get to strive for goals. But you have to remember that goals aren’t what give you your worth. You are always worthy. You are never lacking. Goals are for fun. If you achieve them or not you are always welcome to feel joy and gratitude and love. These are always available to you as long as you remember they are there.

I love you Big Mama, I needed the reminder.

-I am always here, just go within. And know, my love for you knows no bounds.

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