You are a “Game Changer” – Player!

You are a “Game Changer” - Player!

You are a “Game Changer” – Player!

“Everybody is a Player in Life and playing better than you can imagine. Even if you notice someone standing still, not moving, showing no reactions, no involvement, understand that they are playing their part. Hence at the end of the day remember everyone is a player. Depending upon the different people we meet and greet, some people become good and some bad accordingly. Don’t start looking at everyone now with doubtful thoughts as bitter truth is that we ourselves are players too. Agree to it Right?


William Shakespeare told long time back – “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. This quote makes me believe firmly that each one of us are players of small team or big team or solo team. Now I have another view to this 402 years old quote told by Shakespeare who declared life as “Stage” . Time has changed and for current era, I call it “Playground”. Let’s take analogy of football game in which you may notice goalkeeper standing still, less movements but still he has a motive, right? Even if he is motionless, still or expression less, he is the most dangerous player ever to stop you from achieving your goal – “Game Changer”.

Let me explain it, I will call them “Game Changer” Rules :-


Rule 1: Watch-out, be attentive, you are in a playground of life and you can meet such players. Learn to protect your goal!!


Rule 2: You may meet thousands people with versatile nature, religion etc All must be good players in some game or the other of life. I want you to identify people in your life who can take you to next move on immediate basis.


Rule 3: Never ever assume that person you have met, meeting or going to meet is replica of your nature, thoughts and emotions. Everyone was born for different motives, cultures, mind and heart too! Just the way every player in a game has different purpose to full fill.


Rule 4: Don’t underestimate a player (person) before having met. Meet, understand their perspective and then move forward. The most valuable key point is you might get a suitable co-player for yourself who may help you to win the match and fetch your goal.


Rule 5: So even if it is our life which is a playground and we are the players in it we follow the golden rule again. As l mentioned earlier in my write-ups, ensure you follow Trust, Respect and Understanding with your co-player .That is the base of good relationship.

Best of Luck and I pray to god that you play well and get a good co-player for life!


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