You are a beacon of light

You Are A Beacon Of Light

I know that you are struggling,

I know that life is heavy and hard,

I know that all you feel is pain,

I know that you live in constant fear,

I know you feel that you have no voice,

I know that you feel that you have no love,

I know that it hurts everyday waking up.

But I also need you to know that it is okay;

It is okay to feel those heavy, awful things

You are being provided by imperfect people.

They are doing their best.

They can’t give you what they don’t have.

They can’t give you tender love, they weren’t given it;

They can’t give you a shoulder to cry on, they never had one;

They can’t give you hugs and kisses, they weren’t shown how;

They can’t understand your pain, they don’t understand their own;

They can’t make you feel the love they have for you; they can barely feel the love for themselves;

They can’t show you patience, it was never modeled for them.

But you can learn to do this all for yourself.

You will learn to love deeper than you imagined,

You will connect more than ever expected,

You will understand,

You will empathize,

You will grow,

You will shine,

You will bloom.

You are love and kindness and generosity.

You will be better than okay. You will be a beacon of beautiful light.

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