You and my soul

If you really want to know me and make friend with my soul.

Let’s seek my soul through my eyes and through all the lines that i gather

Through the hands of mystery that written by my precious wrinkles 

Through scars that i hide within my sight

Through my trembled hands that wipe  my tear to dry or shut my noisy laugh

Through my broken letters that burry my feeling.

Through those empty spaces between my mind and thought that shift faster than i blink my eyes
Well, You don’t have to understand all the rhymes and stories that written by fate . But Let’s be honest , If you want to know me just to find some alibi to make you feel free to judge me. So do it. I am not flawless. I guarantee you will find my faults.

But then i realize that my soul is too precious to be found by you. You only need a reason to judge and hate me. 

Free yourself to judge me , then maybe just maybe your judgement will guide you to find your own soul.

In the end , you’ll find out that  i am not the one who lost, you are. You’ll understand that i am not the one whom you should seek for, you are.

Find yourself within you, That is your treasure.

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