The Yogin, The Warrior And The Feminine

Hi, how was your New Year?

I did something radically different, I took a risk, I stayed present with an old layer of deep fear and pain and traveled to an unknown place with unknown people. I climbed a hill top from a Celtic mythological landscape in the pitch dark night and celebrated a re-birthing of myself with like-minded people. Not just any people mind you, spiritual beings who reflected my journey of awakening, those who had walked through tremendous darkness and who had found the seed of joy within the grief at the dawning of the New Year.

There comes an inexplicable sweetness through healing and transformation, and no where did I experience this more than in the company of the powerful feminine; the Shakti life force energy that danced through us as we circled the top of the Tor in Glastonbury, UK, walking through the archway of the 14th Century Tower – right into 2017 – well, I actually flew out by accident, arms wide open, miscalculating my step, but it was an apt metaphor for how I envision my new beginning!

Here’s the freaky thing, I saw that very same hill in a vivid dream I had months ago. Until I visited Glastonbury I’d never heard of the Tor or seen it before. A serious déjà vu moment! In the dream I was afraid of the height, of climbing it alone, even in the daylight in which the dream was set. In the reality however, I climbed with support, with laughter, with new friendships and in utter darkness – it was truly a healing and transformative experience and reflected months and months of inner work I had done on myself!

I realize more deeply now the importance of ritual in releasing of the past, of unwanted or outworn energy. We wrote down the old stories that kept us stuck and burned away the pieces of paper that carried that energy. It was cathartic and a potent way to break free from the haunting of the past. 



What stories do you wish to let go of to heal some more? To clear space for the new, for something different to emerge? What risks will you take to change your reality – create your own experience, rather than let life happen to you? Conscious awareness never comes without a price. What you lose or cut off in the physical world will give you gains on the inner level, your self-awareness is the gift. It is also the space that holds your authentic power.

It is the yogins way to create more consciousness, to awaken and remove the veil of avidya or incorrect knowledge that befalls our perception. In the midst of yoga, the unification of mind, body and spirit, the practitioner discovers a new way to see. The warrior creates the path of action, the new way to be, and the feminine, the primordial life force energy, breathes into our dark, stale places, animating life within us to fulfil our dreams, goals and ambitions. You have within you a power to bring your intentions into form. This is the divine feminine at work. I would not have discovered this triple wisdom without a consistent yoga, martial arts and writing practice!

Begin again, now. Every moment is a potential for possibility, for victory, every moment is available to you. Take the risk of being awake. The risk of choosing something different to feel a greater sense of aliveness. Cultivate the energies of the yogin, the warrior and the feminine! Kick away obsolete energy and make way for the clear vision of your being, of your life, a vision for your true purpose.


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​Payal ❣

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