When You Say Yes To Others

When You Say Yes To Others

When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you aren’t saying ‘no’ to yourself.


8 thoughts on “When You Say Yes To Others”

  1. Not sure how to let everyone get their way and be happy in a couple/family relationship when both/all are different. Compromise and taking turns can work, but not always and walking away is not always an option.

    1. Did you try to friend me when I first got on here? There was someone that did about that same time. But, I didn't know them, so I thought "stranger danger" : ) ha ha and didn't friend them.

      Now, after being on your page, I think I'll marry you : ) ha ha : ) jk, don't worry : )

    2. Would be weird, too, to find out if you were a female instead of a male, ha ha, because I have no clue who and "what" (male or female) you are. I just assume that you are male : ) ha ha

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