Yes, Love is Crazy

Yes, Love is Crazy

Love is crazy

A little bit sour, a little bit sweet,

A little bit twisted, a little bit straight,

A little bit mad, a little bit excited,

A little bit of argument, a little bit of discussion,

Yes, love is crazy.

Just a little far, but still close,

A little unknown, but still special,

A little bit stupid, but little bit intelligent,

A little weak, but still effective,

Yes, love is crazy.

A little gentle, a little naughty,

A little stubborn, but still accepting,

A little bit soft, a little bit harsh,

More courageous, but still nervous,

Yes, love is crazy.

Declined a bit, but still adopted,

Slightly killed, but still alive,

Little bit chopped, little bit connected,

A little in-universe, but still on earth,

Yes, love is crazy.

Yes, love is crazy.


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