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Yes, I’m A Bit Quiet And I Don’t Share A Lot

Yes, I'm A Bit Quiet And I Don't Share A Lot

Yes, I’m a bit quiet and I don’t share a lot of what’s going on in my mind. But, it’s not that I am afraid to. It’s just that I don’t feel the need to. I don’t share everything that crosses my mind, because I know better than to believe everything that crosses my mind.

I need to take my time. I need to observe, to assess, to understand, and yes even to correct my thoughts before I let them flow out into the world.

So, no, I don’t speak often and I don’t speak loudly. But at least you know that when I do speak, it’s going to be something I feel I really understand, something that excites me, that I believe matters, and that sounds true to my soul, because to me, that’s what’s speaking is actually for.

~ Cristen Rodgers

Cheryl Payne

I am a former journalist and a freelance blogger with over 7 years of professional experience. Being an introvert, my preferred topics include personality types and introversion.View Author posts