Yearning For The Final Call!

Yearning For The Final Call

Have I reached the time, to journey back to Home,

As every relationship now, seems like a false polychrome;

The sense of belonging here, is fading with the passage of time,

Thereby, waiting every moment, for the final truth to claim me anytime;

Feeling tired to love again, the only way to make others to get aware,

But to find a soul, not affected by biased information nowadays, is rare;

Everywhere those in power are blaming each other, for their own neglect,

And blindfolded ones are still praising them, it’s the height of criminal intent;

Death is an inevitable truth and will come to everyone, accept it dear,

My only wish is, everyone realises, it’s time to keep their senses open & be aware;

As for me, I keep on searching for the place where I shall belong,

Yearning & praying, that the great Lord won’t make me wait now, for too long!
-Aneet Mahajan



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