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Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Wronged

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By Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

I clung to the feeling that I had been wronged
I hugged the pain close to my chest.
And thus were my heartache and misery prolonged.
The sun shone, but I was depressed.
Then one day, I quit holding tight to the grief.
It fell from me like a dark gown.
Oh, what a feeling of wondrous relief!
Oh, the warm sun shining down!

By Rachel Leahanna Amburgey 

What happens when
The place you belonged
Was the place
Where you were wronged?
The people who you thought
Kept you sane
Were the ones who caused you
The most pain.
You loved your wings,
But they had strings,
Then they made a mess of things.
And now you go
With newfound sight
To help the wronged
Find the the right.

By Erna Duspara 

To fight for your rights,
when you have been wronged.
Is a sign of great strength,
for all that you’ve longed.

Stand up for your innocence,
and all of your truth.
Just tell it like it is,
You have all of the proof.

Never be ashamed
of all that you are.
Always believe,
Justice is not far.

By Karleen Hilton 

She had traveled a path walked already by so many, she had to believe that out there, he was….
She couldn’t get it wrong again, there has to be that one, she believed with such passion, that he would dive in and swim with her, and never end. Feel a love that only so few every really know! There he is, she’d been searching for him all her life, “tell me”, am I who you have been searching for?
if only she knew how “wronged”, she was gonna be……..

I would have still loved him with all I am, as that’s me!

By Jackie De Klerk 

Here we stand once again, the first and the last time together. Hearts broken and no where to turn.

It started with that magical connection, moved into the phase of too good to be true, I thought: ‘Finally, my soulmate.’, then last night happened where you played dumb. You like doing that whilst playing victim too. But honestly, I don’t know who wronged who.

Today, I have woken up to the nightmarish world again with that ache which you can’t imagine fading away. I wished it could’ve been different with you, but it’s not. You turned out to be just another part of the cycle, and that’s perfectly fine. I’m just angry at myself for not seeing the warning signs. I will be in this darkness for a bit and then get up once more.

With this, I bid you farewell. May you and I find true love along the way.

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