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Writing About You

It’s 3 am I look at my phone to see a name with a purple heart and I need to make my poem rhyme for a good start.

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I’ve got a hundred things to do but then why am I writing about you.

Flashback to 2015, the day I saw you

I grinned my teeth and said damn it!

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I gotta stay true.

Walking hand in hand at 2 am world just stood still

My world revolved around you but it seemed you had a couple of other things to do.

We grew up so fast, fast forward to 2018

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Gone are the days of teen. We’ve got a lot on our shoulders to do then why am I sitting here in the dark writing about you.

You flew miles away, as you had so much on your shoulders to do but why am I not able to do my part and I’m sitting here in the dark writing about you.

-By Ritika Verma


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Ritika Verma
Just a girl in the learning phase, when I'm not busy designing clothes, I write about life and everything that revolves around it. Mental health survivor, mental health advocate, body positive and confidence advocate.
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