Write your biggest regret

Write your biggest regret

What’s your biggest regret in life ?

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  1. My biggest regret is that I’m too hard on myself. I like who I am but my self loathing is too painful. I wish I would snap out of it. Peoples opinions affect me too much. I wish I didn’t care so much. Peace.

  2. No regrets. I continue to think of life as a personal uniquely designed adventure. The chapters of my life are those which have found me truly living Robert Frost’s poem of taking the roads less traveled nearly always. I continue to take the roads less traveled. They have not always resulted in positive outcomes. Yet, they have also never proven dull or lasting so long I would regret making walking them.

  3. Not following my heart and allowing my self to go through so much hurt. But on the other hand it taught me so much. I believe it had to go that way for me to really learn a lesson.

  4. None, I don’t believe in regret. I know in my heart that everything that has ever taken place, has done so with great purpose; they have all been great learning lessons. No matter how high the level of difficulty presented, no matter how many tears, nor the amount of pain, it has not been dealt to me without reason.

  5. I regretted not being able to see myelf beyond the four-letter-word that someone spelled for me..UGLY. I later believed that no one is defined by that word without first understanding that person’s heart.

    1. Eilleen, you would not know what it is like to carry life. You would not know what it is like to have someone you know you love as much or more than life. You would not know what it is like to be responsible for someone besides yourself. You would not have a son who is the best thing which has happened to you. You would not have a legacy and someone who will someday hopefully make you a grandmother, giving you grandchildren who will make you feel as if the choice you made was the greatest choice you could ever have made in your life. Now hug and kiss your son, and take out a piece of paper and think about how you are going to work on those things from that other path which can still be achieved. (y)

    2. I’ve read all your comments and while I appreciate the encouragement you have given me with your kind words, I believe my statement was taken from a different perspective. I feel blessed to have 3 children that bring me much joy and the knowledge of the greatest love that is possible. I am looking forward to my growing family and what that entail. I am not stuck in the past. Since early on I had to learn to live in the present as I had a child to care for. Realistically, going through that experience at such a young age I had to forget about myself to raise and provide for my son being a single teenage mom at 14. However, I made goals and accomplished all of them to provide him what he needed. I’m a professional woman today because of it and continue to set goals for myself to accomplish what is still possible for me at my current age. But the reality is at such age I didn’t even know myself or had time to find out as I was preoccupied taking care of my son. I tried to follow my dream and couldn’t afford it as it took away from our sustenance. There was only one goal in my mind. My son. But this had consequences for me. It took therapy sessions, in my mid thirties, to overcome what was for me a traumatic event. Who is prepared for that? I wasn’t and again lets not assume I should have. We need to know background. With all that said, I was coming from a different place. I wonder had I not become a mom so young where would I be today. Would I had become a famous model? Certainly, I moved past this as I had no choice but to. The question asked was if I had any regrets and my only regret was not getting to fully develop into who I am becoming today and what that would have meant for me back then.

  6. Pata nahi muzey kya ho gaya tha.mai itni kamjor kaisey padd gayi thi.doosro Ki khushiyo ke liye mainey apni he khushiyo ka gala ghot diya.really this was the biggest regret of my life.I did not value the invaluable person.

  7. I have not respected eord

    I had not respect the word love . not understood the value of their love.I lost them because of my foolness.that is why I got punishment .now nobody realises the worth of my love.I know he briefed me so many years ago.but I could not understand him.I just ignored him.

    1. Love to you Jyoti <3 Life is a long long road… We do make mistakes, but thta's a part to our learning. You are a better Yourself now,… and hey You have better things coming your way too. Till then.. remember to love yourself <3

  8. I don’t have any.
    Even in moments where I feel terrible about doing something I shouldn’t have, could have refrained from, or could have done differently, it all has lead me to where I am and who I am now. I have learned and grown throughout it all and I am very grateful to those who have helped in that process.
    My life may have ended up far better with better choices, but I needed to learn. The chances are more likely it could have been far worse.
    I only hope all of it was for a greater purpose than where I am right now in my life.

  9. I can’t solved all major problems in world…I can’t help all poor and needy people…i am not able to make all happy..I don’t know how to utilize myself for others..i can’t provide food to all poor people…i think my life is good but not much helpful.

    1. Respected Cathay I agree and i appreciate your reply but after achieving many things i realized it’s not what i was looking for, i always ready to stand for others it’s my nature due to what reason i don’t know but m always constantly thinking about good karma, i think m scared but NO, I don’t have any reason to be scary, i feel happy to making someone happy…I am always disturbed because of such nature.

    2. Dear Peryy – I’ve had times when I was pulled under by the thought of not being able to do ENOUGH or not in hige amounts to really change bigger things – I was down and almost giving up on it, like f*** u Karma, but then I realized if I just to the best I can for others – it will be enough for Karma or God or humanity?! The world can only be changed one-by-one-by-one… Take care of ur heart and try to be a nice human – not out of fear – hope u get what I’m trying to say πŸ˜‰

    3. Respected Cathay thanks i am 40 years old and since last22 years m earning my family is well to do but my ambition was something high, I started my business and today m successful in life,but after achieving all success still something is missing? and that happiness m trying to find out in someone, I was thinking about money,muscle and mind always but today I have noticed only someone’s happiness makes me feel happy, after earning money i always think how to utilize for others m doing my best but still since last many years I haven’t smiled? I really disappointed sometime but doing my jobs honestly..let’s pray for good solution.

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