Wounds Scar The Flesh, But Words Scar The Soul

Hina Jain

Wounds scar the flesh,
but words scar the soul.

Deanna Wilkinson

Your words may have meant nothing to you
but they left an aching pain in my heart.
They fell from your mouth
like nothing at all
but instantly hit my heart
and left scars so deep inside of me.

Shambha Shivaa

You may not even think twice.
before shooting the words of spite.
the one who hears
may bear a heavy price,
you may speak and forget but,
the heart that hurts remains shut..
cutting through like a hundred swords,
broken due to your thoughtless words.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The things that you say,
Shoots arrows my way,
No way to escape them,
Oh, they are tinged with venom.
You might know it yourself,
Not that it would bother you,
Your interest is in saying it,
Not in how it is killing me bit by bit.

Priyanka Tripathi

Words are for free yet the sharpest weapon.
If not used carefully and wisely,
they damage people’s heart beyond repair!

Sulekha Pande

Arrows of unkind words,
are shot off mindlessly,
they make deep wounds,
and echo forever in the minds.

Kaitlyn Bell

What you speak will hit the weak.
It never bothers the strong
for very long.

Tina Bina

Words are
the deadliest weapon there are
when it comes to the human spirit.

Belinda Stott

Verbal abuse destroys the soul.

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