I Want to Meet Myself

i want to meet myself
from someone else’s
point of view

76 thoughts on “I Want to Meet Myself”

  1. it is tougher to judge one’s self, for we always look out and not within till the time someone gives us a reality check. To be able to see myself with other’s perspective, what I wouldn’t give for that.

  2. i know how i view myself but…i know people see differently so sometimes i wonder if people see me the same way i see myself…or they see differently..do i come on too strong that i scare others or too weak or somewhere in between…you see i dont know what they see when they see me and some just keep it to themselves thats why sometimes i ask what do they see when they see me …i like to hear other people views perspectives cause i try to remain level headed..i may come off as a strong person but i know to myself im highly sensitive to certain thgs .. …and it could get to me at times thats why i actually like when people keep me grounded ..you know say hey u got to tone it down a notch..come back down..or hey you need to cheer up a bit keep me balanced..it would be nice just for once to see through the eyes of someone else to see me how i look to them

  3. I want to meet myself from some one else’s point of view, to improve myself, look into the things that I over see and believe that they are good for me and should be for others too, however, that may not be correct. I want to meet myself from some one else’s point of view to love my family and friends in a better way to know what they like for me to do that can make their life much more happier. In the end I am sure I will definitely meet myself which will let me know what I was missing if not lacking!

  4. Yes, I would not mind meeting myself from someone else’s point of view. It is about not being afraid of objectivity. Often, we have only one view of who we are and it may not be who we are to others. I think it would give a perspective needed to improve, to keep moving forward or to say to self seriously, damn, you need a check up from the neck up for real, get on that one!! rotlf

  5. Everything is emptiness. Everything else, accidental. Emptiness brings peace to your loving. Everything else, disease. In this world of trickery, emptiness is what your soul wants. – Rumi <3

  6. I think one should test themselves and spend some time walking in the shoes of others, study and practice their beliefs even though they are alien to your own. It’s a great and worthy challenge. I think to truly understand who you are you have to understand who you aren’t.

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