Would you start over by losing all that you have ?

Would you start over by losing all that you have ?

Would you start over by losing all that you have?
If you find yourself stuck at a place you realize you don’t wanna be

Or will you keep going with what you have..

With the hope that things might fall in place with time.

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  1. Avatar of Alesha Tomlinson

    IF i can see those pieces, already falling into place, then yes I would continue with where I stand. But if it's a gamble whether the pieces may collapse, as well if there's another route towards where I want to go, I will pack up and take the new route.
    I am much more adept to change, and trudging throigh underbrush is more appealing than trying for 2,5,or 10 years to make somehing mediocre, or somehing that's constantly falling apart, work

  2. Avatar of John Green

    most of us have lost everything we have, and even though we realize that being where we are is wrong, that is when we start again. mind over matter

  3. Avatar of Aissatou Sunjata

    I am one of those who has had to on several occasions. It is not easy, yet at times worth washing the slate clean of everything which loses value, except the courage to let go of it all. Nothing, nothing I have now is irreplaceable. Yet, I believe we are motivated, address the consequences of our decisions. How are we going to do that and survive? How are we going to do that and not hav eto face the same lessons again with different people? Once is enough, if we can recognize it as a lesson to be learned. We learn to trust in whatever we believe gives us courage, strength, tenacity, determination. Whatever it is that garners these jewels, these morsels, which are meant to enlighten us. So, in order to answer the question, either way, I know at this point I will be fine, o.k. I am there now, stuck in a place which I don't want to belong, and yet, I am breathing, I smile, I am grateful and I take a sense of being humble in knowing I may feel stuck, I may think I don't wanna be here, but who I believe guides my life believes there is still more for me to learn and do here.

  4. Avatar of Leeann Haynie

    Been there n done that very thing a few times, and just a few months ago was a biggie- it doesn't get any eaiser following your needs, but it was necessary & important to ME!

  5. Avatar of G.g. Gibbons

    Breen there. Done it more than once. The material things in life don't matter. Even the loss of the supposed important people falls away. All that is left is a shiny, well polished you. The journey is worth it, though results will vary depending how much effort one puts into healing.

    1. Avatar of Tish Kelly Park

      That is my theory as I'm doing now what the post mentions. It's good to get confirmation on it. Thanks : )

      It's very scary, though, and makes you wonder why I had an opportunity to build up my life based on a foundation of good ethical and moral principles, for it to become so valuable.

      Yet, all still fell apart or had to be abandoned. I'm guessing it's part of the journey and of what we must learn along the way.

      There are good things about my new life each time and one of them is that the old that wasn't good falls away. But, there's such a loss of good, as well. For lack of a better example, it's like cutting off one good arm to save the other one.

  6. Avatar of Debra Pry

    I done that when I was abused I left everything and started over… It can be done… Things are just temporary you can always replace them ,but you can't replace your life.

  7. Avatar of Alf Thor

    Right now, I am exactly at this point. I have risked before, learned and gained more than lose. And i am about to do it again. This way, I keep my pulse.
    Best life to all of you, and my best wishes.
    (thanks of this post! πŸ™‚ )

  8. Avatar of Jennifer Sebits

    I'd gladly lose everything I have to start life over again and to get away from a terrible situation if I had to. That's not to say I wouldn't first try to take some things that would enable me to survive in this hard world. Especially if it means the difference of being able to have partial custody of a son that I love very much. I would, also, gladly stay in a bad environment if it meant protecting my kids. They come first but when they don't want your help its time to move on and make the leap for yourself.

  9. Avatar of CL Windland

    When you say " lose all that you have," that could mean many things. I lost the use of my brain to live functionally, but I had faith. I feel faith is a big component in these situations whether we admit it or not. ❀

  10. Avatar of Alesha Tomlinson

    Not at all discounting hope, but when it comes to time …
    perhaps you're right, maybe whats really needed is more time; as long as what you're aiming for doesn't fade away with the clock, then you've got all the time in the world..

  11. Avatar of Natasha Khan

    No, slowly improvise and branch out a bit… so that you know first what is it that you actually want.. coz if you knew what you wanted, you wouldn't have been stuck in the first place..

  12. Avatar of Rob Johnson

    You cant keep running. Leave what is toxic but exam your choice closely and nake sure your not just taking the easy way out. Some things in life are worth fighting for. If its a thing, job, or a house it can be replaced. Love people and loyalty not so much. Life has its ups and downs good times and bads. Just remember once you burn a bridge its gone.

  13. Avatar of V's Zumba

    I didn't want to reply to a general question as circumstances, timing, place in life would dictate the decision. Vital indeed. With every decision we gain and lose something or someone.

  14. Avatar of Miguel E. Montero

    Yes,i would definitely rather lose everything i have as long as i find myself,material things comes and goes,once we find ourselves and put it in the right place we will get even twice we had.!

  15. Avatar of Alesha Tomlinson

    Yes, I would. .. if you're someplace that you don't want to be, the future will more than likely have the same feeling of discontent. . Even if you're heading for a dream, it often becomes lackluster , especially if you have those feelings of starting over hovering in your concious. .
    I'm a sucker for change though, so I always go for change if the paths are more aimed for what I'm hoping for

  16. Avatar of Shari Roseff

    Yes!!!! If you had it before you can have it again. This time with a more educated mind body heart and soul. Oh what a beautiful life you would live.

  17. Avatar of Rohit Ranjan

    depending on the circumstances i will then decide what to do. Starting from new is a big deal. but if the place doesn't entertain me. y shd I remain on that place it won't provide me mental peace. Mental peace is everything and even more prioritized than all. so I will chose that which soothe me.

  18. Avatar of Harsh Bathia

    Umm, find a way to get past it, finish what you've started, you might be unhappy for a while but the satisfaction that you'll achieve after getting over with it once and for all will be rewarding. Do what your heart wants to then coz you have already learnt how to be disciplined while working in a less amicable situation.

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