Would you slow down ? or Speed Up ?

Would you slow down ? or Speed Up ?

Would you Slow down ? or Speed Up ?

39 thoughts on “Would you slow down ? or Speed Up ?”

  1. I would slow down. Knowing, once I leave the stage that character's role is done. I would want to at least between changes of costume ruminate on how well I performed that last character.

  2. I would slow down because I want to spend some quality time with Death ,after all, she is the only friend I have been longings ever since I was born.

  3. Tricky one..!! Depends upon how satisfied I am with my role and circumstances at THAT instant….hahaha…..what better could be the reply..that too an HONEST one…, when we are already aware of the transience of everything at present, and when we know that nothing is going to last…irrespective of how much and with what feeling we are involved into the current scene!!

    1. Maybe make it more interesting. Its your life, do things you wish to. You never know what lies ahead, the next could be a big risk too. After all you are your own God πŸ™‚

  4. The way the world has gotten I see no need to return to hell on earth I say we all just look forward to our eternal peace we have coming.

  5. I've got a lil boy in my name,a beautiful girl committed to me,and truth is,I'd love to see how my life turns out with them in the picture,speeding up isn't an option

    1. You have a beautiful family.
      God Bless you all. May you have no regrets ever. And next time, you say – I love everything about it. There's no reason too to speed up. πŸ™‚
      Even I have a beautiful life. We at times don't realise that, until we come across a few things a few questions. And then we see we have every reason to stay.

  6. Let's assume your hypothesis is true. The likelihood that you would be born in a similar or better circumstance is quite small. The odds are that you would be born into a different belief system (Muslim Hindu, etc), have a much higher chance that you would be born to an area that has a higher childhood death rate (lack of water medicine and nutrition) and in a country of great poverty. To follow through, if you believe this, you should improve this life for all people to improve your odds, otherwise it would be an endless cycle of death and misery

  7. You definitely wouldn't want to speed up or you would lose the learning opportunities that was set by yourself as you CHOSE to be here and look how you look and live how you live for these learning experiences. Slowing down might encourage life's learning lessons to become more enriched.

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