75 thoughts on “Would you rather to be an ugly genius or a hot moron?”

  1. I would say an ugly genius. Age will eventually fade the physical beauty AND possibly the mind… While it matters I would rather be a genius and attempt helping the world even tho my physique isn’t appealing.

    1. Additionally my parents always told me the girls that were mean to me were just jealous cuz IM pretty and smart… And I didn’t think I was pretty or smart… So it would have been better in my opinion to at least be smart… Then maybe my parents would have said “it doesn’t matter what those girls think. You keep studying hard and one day you’ll be signing their paychecks.” I think being a genius is better.

  2. tough call – on the one hand you are smart enough to KNOW that you are ugly, and on the other hand you DON’t CARE that you are hot / attractive. (but really how well could a hot moron apply make-up, let alone wash / comb his or her hair?) πŸ™‚ i’m good as a hot genius … carry on.

  3. If you’re an ugly genius you’ve got more of a chance of getting a well-paid job. You could then use that higher than average salary to save to spend on improving your looks of that’s what you so wish.

  4. Ugly genius, because I could then produce a most creative, hot, seductive recipe and mirage that would make you believe I am a hot moron. To simply be a hot moron would mean a fun but a short-lived firecracker experience. A firecracker in the hands of a moron is pretty dangerous. I don’t know – a silly question deserves a silly answer.

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