20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal

Things Make Introvert Feel Stressed

7. Talking on the phone

Making or getting a phone call is hands down one of the worst experiences for any introvert. The phone can ring or buzz anytime it wants without considering if the introvert is lost in deep thoughts or just enjoying being themselves. The phone call is an intrusion to their privacy and it demands their attention immediately. Author Michaela Chung explainsThe incessant bark of a telephone presents an inner debate for an introvert. To answer or not to answer? That is the question.” And this can lead to a lot of stress in them. But this is not why introverts hate talking on the phone. They hate it because there are no physical or visual cues. The lack of body language and facial expressions makes them avoid phone calls

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20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal
20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal

Here are 16 other stressful and worst experiences that introverts have to face almost on a regular basis:

8. Networking with others for the sake of their career or interests feels like torture to introverts. Forcing a conversation with someone to sell themselves is agonizingly painful.

9. Keeping in touch with others, especially friends and family can feel exhausting despite how much they truly want to stay in contact with loved ones.

10. Seeking validation and admiration but hating attention can lead to a lot of anxiety. Although they enjoy being reassured, unnecessary praise makes them feel uncomfortable.

11. When they are enjoying their downtime but others intrude and interrupt them to engage in friendly chit chat without realizing the introvert is not interested.

12. Meeting new people and introducing themselves to a large group of strangers is a nightmare. Whether starting a new class or a new job, introductions and ice breaking sessions are a dreaded experience.

13. Going to any place where there is a huge gathering of crowds whether in the mall, movie theaters, concerts or a football game.

14. Having anxiety about being excited for an event and simultaneously being afraid of the crowd that will be present during the celebration.

15. Being ignored when talking as they are soft spoken or being spoken to continuously when they are trying to end a conversation.

16. Patiently waiting for family members or roommates to fall asleep so that they can finally have some privacy and spend time with their own thoughts. Downtime is crucial for introverts.

17. Sudden plans or surprise parties at the last minute that affect their entire schedule for the day. Not only do they need to alter their plans but also mentally prepare for the social interactions.

18. Meeting old friends or acquaintances in public places can be extremely difficult. Such casual and brief encounters demand small talk with people they know resulting in a superficial conversation they can’t avoid.

19. Being considered aloof, arrogant and snobbish, simply because they prefer their own company and tend to be quiet, leads to a lot of misunderstanding and damaged reputation.

20. As introverts need their downtime to recharge themselves, loud noises like slamming doors, sirens, people shouting and loud music can cause serious discomfort.

21. Public speaking is one of the most stressful experiences for an introvert. Talking in front of a large crowd and giving speeches of any kind can feel like a bad dream to introverts.

22. Being asked a question and having to answer that even though they precisely know the correct answer can make them feel highly anxious.

23. Being considered antisocial simply because they prefer their time alone. Introverts are selectively social, not anti-social.

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How an introvert can manage stress

Considering that introverts encounter anxiety-inducing events almost on a daily basis, there are certain strategies they can use to manage their stress and better cope with bad experiences in their lives. “There are many strategies that can help introverts to manage the stress that comes with living in a way that works best for them,” writes Elizabeth Scott, MS, author and wellness coach specializing in stress management.

20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal
20+ Things That Make An Introvert Feel Stressed and How To Deal

Here are some stress management strategies suggested especially for introverts by Elizabeth:

1. Start meditating 

Practicing meditation can be the perfect way to cope with stress for introverts as it is a quiet practice. Meditation, when practiced over a long period of time, can increase resilience to stress in introverts. Hence, they can stay more balanced and grounded even in stressful situations.

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