Do You Worry Too Much? Here’s What You Can Do

Do You Worry Too Much? Here's What You Can Do

If you’re at an ocean beach and a big wave comes in, and you don’t want to get knocked down, where should you go? If you rush for shore, you’ll probably be swallowing sand and saltwater soon. You’ll get better results if you dive into the base of the wave and let it pass over you.

In each case of a counter-intuitive problem, a good solution is usually the opposite of your gut instinct.

If you use an intuitive solution (like “forget about it!”) with a counter-intuitive problem, you’re probably going to get poor results.

What’s a counter-intuitive response for people who worry too much?

A counter-intuitive response for people who worry too much is one that doesn’t try to stop or oppose the thoughts. Instead, it aims at changing the way you relate to them. It treats anxious thoughts like a heckler. It’s not a good solution to ask the heckler to stop talking or to go out into the audience and have a fistfight with the heckler. Some of the best ways of responding to a heckler involve working the heckler into your routine.

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The use of worry appointments is a good example of a counter-intuitive response. Singing a funny song to yourself about anxious thoughts is another example.

Thinking it over

The main reason people continue to worry too much, despite their best efforts to stop, is that they use an intuitive response (like telling yourself to stop thinking about it) for this counter-intuitive problem. This is the main cause of the frustration and sense of failure people experience when they try to stop worrying.

Finding counter-intuitive responses, and practicing them, is a much more likely way for you to worry less.

Written by Dave Carbonell

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Worrying too much sometimes is a part of being human, and everyone does it at some point or the other. However, you need to take care of your mental health and try to not let the negative thoughts completely take over your mind. Peace of mind is one of the best things to have when it comes to sound mental health.

If you want to know more about what to do if you worry too much, then check out this video below:

Do You Worry Too Much? Here's What You Can Do
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