How to Stop Granting Emotional Energy To An Abuser: This Works Better Than Grey Rock

Stop Granting Emotional Energy To Abuser

I really love this example of a friend in my life. She had a very narcissistic father who, quite frankly, was quite a train wreck. He was siphoning out money and energy from all of the family members and being highly abusive. Because of his health and other things, she retained him in her life with modified contact but she did all of the work on those triggers.

She was so grey rock with him that it would only be conversations of a practical nature. When he stepped over the line she would hang up the phone or walk away. She would say, “I am not prepared to have that conversation,” and leave.

Of course, we can have all sorts of traumas of guilt come up. You may have triggers of now that I’ve said no to this person how are they going to retaliate? What are they going to do in my life? How are they going to rip me apart?

You have to release and heal all of those terrors as well because then it will hold. The narcissist always loses power against you when you have no inner matching wounds and you will see that it really is a little person behind the curtain, not the big terrifying entity that you thought this person was.


I really hope that this has helped you understand the difference between a traditional grey rock and being a true Thriver through the detachment of your energy field and emotional self from a narcissist, from the inside out.

I want you to get it very clear, grey rock is so hard to achieve just by deciding to do it and thinking that you’re just going to do it.  This is why so many people can’t make grey rock work properly for them.

I’d love to help you discover how to really, really switch this ability on, and I can help you do that by you signing up for my free 16-day course. You can connect to that resource, which has so many other resources with it too, by clicking the link at the top right of this video.

That is where you’re going to learn how to take your power back and truly heal for real.

I hope that this video today has really helped clarify true grey rock for you.

Written By Melanie Tonia Evans
Originally Appeared In Melanie Tonia Evans

It’s not that grey rock does not work at all, or it’s useless; it’s just that complete detachment sometimes works better. Because when you are detaching yourself, it gets enormously difficult for a narcissist to hurt, anger or irritate you. You reach a point where their tricks and games don’t have any kind of impact on you.

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How to Stop Granting Emotional Energy To An Abuser: This Works Better Than Grey Rock
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