How To Master Working From Home While Self Isolating: 15 Tips

15 Tips If You Are Working From Home During Quarantine

7. Your workspace and personal space should be different. 

Since you will be spending a lot of time on your computer, you need to set up a proper workspace, so that you feel motivated enough to work diligently. If you choose to sit on your couch and work, you will find your attention and motivation slowly leaving you.

Try to build a proper workspace so that it feels like working in your office. This will keep your cortisol levels high, and you will also feel like working.

8. Take breaks when needed.  

Even if you are working from home, take a few occasional breaks. Rest your eyes for a minute or lie down for 30 minutes or so. You are not a robot, and you need to give yourself a short break then and now.

Just because you are working from home, that does not mean you will give up on your personal life and burn yourself out. Work as long as it’s needed, and then do what you want to do.

9. Incorporate some exercise

How many times have you had to compromise on working out because of your job? Well, then this is the best time to change that. Since you won’t have to commute to your office every day, you have extra time on your hands which you can invest in exercising.

Exercise will not just keep your mind and body fresh, it will also give you that extra boost of energy to last the whole day. No more canceling your morning jogs!

10. Establish boundaries with your family. 

Just because you are working from home during quarantine, your family might want to spend some quality time with you. Even though their intentions aren’t wrong, they might not understand that you will have to work at home just like you do at your office.

Gently make then understand that you have a lot of work, but once all of that is done, you will spend as much time as you can with them. Make them realize that your work is still the same and is equally important even you are doing it from home.

11. Stay away from social media.

When you are at home, there is no one to supervise you, unlike your office where your boss might keep an eye on you, from time to time. That is why, when you are working from home, make sure that you do not pick up your phone every other minute and start scrolling through social media.

Finish all your work properly at first, and then catch up on social media to know about all the latest news and happenings about Coronavirus.

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12. Put on noise-canceling headphones. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that, when you are working from home, you are not the only person there. Your other family members might be doing the same, or they might be busy with their household chores. And that can mean a lot of noise.

If you want to concentrate properly on your work without any distractions, then it’s best to put on a pair of noise cancellation headphones. This will help you work better and more efficiently.

13. Never compromise on your hygiene. 

Compromising on your hygiene is always a no-no, especially when you are working from home. Make sure that you brush your teeth properly when you get up in the morning, and have a nice, hot shower. Also, make sure that you wash your face so that you don’t look or feel groggy.

Maintaining your hygiene will not only keep you clean but will also make you feel fresh, both mentally and physically.

14. Maintain a list of tasks. 

In order to keep your motivation and efficiency at a high, you can create a list of all the work tasks you will have to get done in a day. Maintaining a list will help you get everything done on time, without you freaking out or burning yourself out. Always remember, that as long as you are organized, you will be able to get everything done in time.

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