Work-Life Balance: How To Not Let Your Career Kill Your Love Life

Work-Life Balance: How To Not Let Your Career Kill Your Love Life

5. Watch how you communicate, both in the office and at home.

If you work in one of those environments, where it’s the norm to gripe about your spouse, don’t engage!

It’s tempting to want to fit in with the crowd, but find another way to connect with your co-workers that don’t involve wife/husband-bashing. It’s an insidious way to undermine your own marriage, and frankly, disrespectful to the person you promised to love and honor.

And on the home front, while you don’t want to bring your work stress home with you, you also don’t want to stonewall your partner when they ask about your day. Share your frustrations and let them know what you need from them — cheerleading, advice, or just to listen.

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One fun coming home ritual that can help diffuse work stress is to share your day like a weather report.

“Sunny skies this morning when I got a compliment from my boss, followed by a rainstorm when a deal fell through. But that created a tailwind, and I made a bunch of good sales calls after that.” Definitely a little corny, but it gets the information across and can open up to a deeper conversation.

Even with the best intentions and a passionate commitment to creating a healthy work-life rhythm, there will be days when everything just all falls apart. The perfect storm happens when both you and your partner have bad days and you haven’t had a chance to really connect in a while.

There’s not much you can do about the bad day, but if you’ve been compassionately ruthless in following most of your work-life balance hacks, your marriage won’t take too much of a hit! And maybe it’ll be a wake-up call to get back on track if either or both of you have fallen off the work-life balance train.

It’s great to be ambitious about your career but you also need to be passionate about your relationship. If you devote all your time to your work and your personal life, how will you ever manage time for love? Having the right work-relationship balance is crucial not only for a happy life but also for a successful career.

Written By Deborah Roth
Originally Appeared On Your Tango

Work-Life Balance: How To Not Let Your Career Kill Your Love Life

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