Words Kill More Than Weapons

Words Kill More Than Weapons
Ramya Raghuraman

Words kill more
than weapons.

M Jeyaram

Sharpen your words,
not your swords.

Rinku Shah

You hold a sword,
Even when you’re bored.
You may not know,
Just let them flow
Words empower you,
It is true!
Spoken or written with a pen,
Is true now and was even then!

Theresa London Rose

Words written in pen
can cut much deeper
than any blade.

Nancy Shurkoff

In the right hands,
the pen can become a weapon
far more powerful than the sword,
capable of destroying,
in one fell swoop,
everything you once thought
and believed
with its cunning ink
and sharp word.

Sulekha Pande

The wound from the sword can heal,
but the power of words is potent.
Use that power wisely,
for you may not undo the damage.

Sherry Greene

My pen is my sword.
With one mighty sweep,
I can save or destroy someone.
Kept loaded and ready,
I’m armed and prepared
And focused enough to use it.

Shanlei Jelaine

For the tip of the pen,
holds the same power with sword.
If wield properly,
it’s sharp enough to cut
not just the mind
but also the soul

Janet Overocker

You can make the paper scream
and never draw blood.

Xavier Racaud

Wars can be won
with no weapon.

Xavier Racaud

Place correctly the ‘S’
in your WORDS.

Jaz Aquino

The sharp word

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