Studies Reveal: Words Can Revive Dead Cells

 October 20, 2016

A basic and essential condition for conducting the experiment was the presence of people who could create positive thoughts. For the purpose, people willingly got together in groups and they directed their positive thoughts towards a certain point on the planet. At that time, the main point of focus was Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, where there was ongoing bloodshed.

During the experiment, the battles suddenly ceased and there was peace in the next couple of days. Also, during the experiment, the crime rate in the city dropped dramatically. Instruments that recorded a strong flow of positive energy measured the effect which the positive thoughts created.

Scientists firmly believe that these experiments show the “materiality” of human thoughts and emotions and their incredible ability to stop evil, death and violence. Once again, scientific minds, thanks to their pure thoughts and intentions, proved the ancient truth – thoughts can create and destroy.

The choice is ours to make because it depends on the focus of our attention whether we’re going to create, or negatively affect our environment and ourselves. The Human life – it’s a constant choice and we can choose to live it the right way.

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