“WONDERWOMAN”- perfect illusion to fall in love with!

“WONDERWOMAN”- perfect illusion to fall in love with!

After years of dormancy of a relationship, I owe this diarrhea of thoughts to my past and future. You must be wondering, if not, do! Why “wonderwoman“, why “perfect illusion“?  Yes movies, music tracks have helped me craft my thoughts at some point of my life!

A boy was sitting under the rising silvery white moon, with his girl beside him, hands clenched tight, evening breeze kissed their blushed cheeks, cooling their skin. Her beautiful silky hairs and the twinkling glossy lips did the magic. Hearts were racing. The tune “My heart will go on” along with her fragrance in the air, it felt the world is at his feet and nothing was more exhilarating! He lost track of time and flaws magnified, he couldn’t dance to her tunes any longer. Then came another one, neither her money made him stay, nor was there any inspiration left in her to cling on! It was time to move on.

He has been thinking all these years, questioning humanity! What scares someone from opening up? What breeds the fear of being lonely? Do break ups make them lose faith in love itself? If one is devoid of love and is in dirt, do they have to learn to love? Why do we keep wanting for more of this madness and chaos? Do we learn to dance and live without love? Love is a wonderful thing to fall in but if it becomes the main source of pain, there is no worse bitterness, isn’t it?

After being in the darkest days, he starts living, in a castle with his “wonderwoman”, guarded by his thoughts, a perfect illusion! She is someone with superhuman gifts. Her elegance, anyone could fall for. Heads turn when she walks across with her stilettos on. She stands tall, with her intellect. Her love for literature makes him intrigued. Her finesse when she hits the dance floor and her mastery over music, keeps him mesmerized! The stress she lays on fine details, makes him fall for her day and night. Her simplicity adds to her beauty. Her smile drives him crazy. The roots of her strength run deep. He is impressed and wants to make her feel special for lifetime.  She is an independent woman, down to earth, but one cannot take her for granted. He adores her for that. The way she treats his pets ensures him of the fine woman, that he fell in love with! She sets his heart on fire, doesn’t let his fantasies die and he is sure that she is not the one to fade away. He is at awe, seeing a reflection of his beliefs, likes and dislikes in her hypnotic eyes. She happens to be someone whom he leans on, talks to, somebody he can kiss and the smart one to complete him! She is someone who has inspired him to cut through his worn out leather. She helps him when he overthinks and doesn’t let him down.  When he is stuck in the middle, she holds him to say “it’s going to be okay” and loves him a little more!  He goes to bed seeking one more night with his woman, though he doesn’t want to live forever! She kicks away his darkest fear and the myth that perfection doesn’t exist. He loves his “wonderwoman” for eternity, he is grounded by her gravity!

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