Why Women Are Attracted To Men With Beard, Research Reveals

Women Attracted Men With Beard

Researchers also found that women who were single and having reproductive ambition tend to prefer clean-shaven men. But the presence for a clean shave was negatively linked with reproductive ambition among married women. 

The study, which found that women view bearded men to be more masculine and better parent also showed that this perception increased during women’s menstrual cycle. The results prove that liking beard is also influenced by biological urges in women. 

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The brutal truth about attraction is BEARD MATTERS!

Science reveals that men having short stiff facial hair signals sexiness, while full beard motivates women to have a long-term relationship with them. And facial hairs with masculine traits makes a man appear more strong, socially dominant and responsible. There is existing literature linking facial hair to strength and social status in the animal kingdom 

Sure, there is a range of personality factors determining healthy relationships. But, keeping in mind how women respond to bearded men, you may rethink your choice to maintain facial hairs.  

However, if you are planning to become a bearded man, make sure to focus on cleanliness as well. If your beard looks like hay, all your efforts will go for a toss. There are many reports on women who perceive beard as dirty. 

Grow with care, wear with pride!

What do you think? You shoul grow or not grow beard? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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