A Woman’s Struggle With Depression And How To Beat It

depression in Women

Are you aware that gender difference has a role to play a role in depression prevalence? Women experience depression bouts more in comparison to men. The depressive phase is scary and disturbing at the same time. However, what you need to keep in mind is that race and ethnicity do not influence depression.

Now, you might be eager to find the answer to why women are prone to depression, and we will answer your concern.

Why women are more likely to fall prey to depression

1. Hormones have a role to play

Well, the onset of depression among women tends to coincide with their reproductive years. Hormonal risk factors may play a role here. Progesterone and Estrogen affect the neurotransmitters that affect the mood. Most women have a depression bout at the start of their menstrual cycle.

Some women face hormonal fluctuations after childbirth, and this also causes depression. If you have a history of depression, then you are at risk during your perimenopausal period.

2. Influence of the social roles

If we assess depression with a theoretical perspective, then another essential cause of depression pops up. Sometimes homemakers believe that their role is devalued in society. Women who go out to pursue their careers have their set of struggles also.
For example, they may face discrimination, and this is enough to plunge the mind into depression.

3. Women have a ruminative coping style

When it comes to dealing with problems, women have an emotion-focused approach. Men have a more problem-focused approach to help get rid of troubles. Women continue to dwell on the problem.

If you think deeply over an issue, then you become vulnerable to severe depression.
At times health problems can also lead to depression. For example, Hypothyroidism causes depression in women. Most women are particular about their physical selves. If they become overweight and fail to lose weight despite crash dieting, then it can also be a depression trigger.

You have to figure out therapeutic ways to counter your depression. You can practice relaxation techniques. Another effective way to counter depression is to start caring for a pet. The good news is that pets bring companionship and joy in your life.

When you feel stressed out or depressed, read the cute quotes of the day. The quotes will make you smile, and you will overpower the depression spell in no time. There are times women simply fall prey to depression because they are overworked.

Try to aim for 8 hours of sleep. When you wake up fresh, then you will have more energy to deal with the daily chores. The essential aspect is that you need to take out “me time” for yourself during your tough routine. Form a hobby, so that you do have the time to ponder over your depressive spell.

Women ignore their physical and mental being when caring for the family. Remember, when you are leading a happy and healthy life, then you will be in a better position to care for the family.



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