The Only Type Of Woman Who Is Worth Chasing In This Life

This is the only type of partner we ought to ever settle down with as it is the only type of relationship that has hope for a better future built into its genetics.

Relationships are hard. Life is hard. Sometimes, getting up and doing that which we need to do, is hard. Nothing in life worth a dime is easy — ever. You’re going to get into fights and arguments.

Life is going to throw you curveballs and test your love for each other. Sh*t is going to happen and it is going to not just happen to you or her; it’s going to happen to the two of you.

You have to understand that just as you’ll share your lover’s joys and happiness, you’re also going to share her pains and suffering. What having the right type of woman by your side will give you is the hope that you can fix whatever issues are at hand.

Why? Because the two of you have no problem working towards a shared goal. You’re a team. You managed to shape your lives thus far and believe in each other enough to keep pushing ahead nonetheless.

You have a life partner who won’t give up on you and — most importantly — you have a partner that you will sooner die for than give up on.

Don’t waste time chasing after women who fall short of this category; time is a luxury you don’t want to be frugal with.

There is only one type of woman in this world who is worth chasing and that’s a woman who makes you believe you’re capable of making your own dreams come true.

There Is Only One Type Of Woman Who Is Worth Chasing In This Life

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