With Every Difficulty, There Is A Relief

with every difficulty there is a relief


You will feel the love from the start where everyone you love sees you as a gift that nurtures your being. You will feel the overwhelming support where they foresee you as a trophy at the end. You will feel the unending praises where they can see you as a mystique. But dear, know that everything that you have assumed has an ending.

You Might Be Betrayed Due To One Disagreement!

You will feel the betrayal as if your soul is crashing from the pieces of art. You will get dirt and stink as if you have done the worst thing that a person could do. You will feel the numbness where you can no longer feel how the pain stroke your bone too deep. You will bleed as if blood no longer bothers your innocence,

Your mind will eventually shut from the words of kindness that lead you to hide from darkness. Again, search yourself as if you are lost, but dear you are not.

Hear The Voice That Whispers

“you are not lost”
“you are at the pace where you have to decide for yourself”
“Allow yourself to fight for your rights even if everyone goes against you as long as your stand is in accordance to what is good”
“You may hurt everyone, but dear it is you who will live your life in that certain track”

Your thinking is far from what they think but you have to accept the reality, this will create a fence! You know the consequences so you have to deal with whatever is on its content!

A Piece Of Advice;

PRAY where truly, this will be the only thing that can give you an unending hope in order to live despite everything.

Inna Ma Al Usri Yusra: Verily, with every difficulty, there is a relief.


Sittienor Asiah Hayatie Ibrahim