Wisepicks For 24 January

Debra Pry


If you must roam,
Get out of your comfort zone.
The Roots will always be,
But there’s a whole world 
waiting to see.


Pattee McAleenan


In my head I must go, 
in my heart 
I am still hanging on.


Asif Raza


 I might walk away 
from you at times.
But my soul- it’d always 
long for you.


Ashok Pande


Moving on,
Brings us,
Our new found 
Freedom & growth but,
The shadows of time,
Ties us to our origins,
Which is impossible
To break free.


Rinku Shah


I have come so far 
and at last
I think it’s time 
to leave the past.
Whether to hold on or let go?
My shadow doesn’t know!


Debra Pry 


Home is a Feeling,
And not a place.
Follow your dreams,
Life doesn’t wait.


Dazzling Light 


No matter how far I go, 
my heart and soul 
will stay with you 
at home!


Sandy Kasdan Rozelman


You can never really 
ever leave home


Ceona Chambers


I cast a long shadow
you’ll remember me, 
when I’m gone


Shari Kay


Stretch your boundaries.
 Hold on to your values.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Wherever, whenever, 
we travel and roam,
It’s hard to sever connection 
with home. 


Elaine Appalsamy


Moving on 
while holding on.


Euselyn De Vera Baria


Home will always be 
where your heart is.



Judy Neudeck Munkres
Your home “roots” 
never leave you.


Linda Mansolf


A shadow of the man 
he once was


Ann Printup


Home ties 
never die.

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