Wisepicks For 9 September

Wisepicks For 9 September

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 9 September.

Wisepicks For 9 September1

Rinku Shah


Duality is my reality.
I can be as good as it gets,
Or I can be as bad as can be.
I am all extremes
bursting at the seams.
Today the, Wolf..
Tomorrow let’s see!


Felicia Holmes


Man and beast are one.
What appears in front of you
is the image
he allows you to see.


Debra Pry


We all have
the Beast inside,
waiting to escape.




When they mock you
for being too calm,
Stun them with your inner storm.
When they doubt your dreams
and your leap,
Dig deep and bring out
the hidden hue.
When they mistake you
 for a sheep,
Wait it out.
When the time is right,
Release the wolf in you…


Brizza Patten


No longer can I deny
who I truly am.. a lone wolf.
Not wanting dramas of others
I seek to forge my own path
 where I and I alone
decide the destination.


Sulekha Pande


Overpower the wolf in you,
ride away with it,
accept the wild and visceral,
for duality of nature,
we all carry within.


Ceona Chambers


You bring out
the beast in me


Anjali Kataria


Set free the animal
within you!


Des Sizwe Shoba


the beast


Yoki Tan


Don’t let your beast
drive your life!

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