Wisepicks For 9 October

Wisepicks For 9 October

Robin McNellis

Never let people 
rent free space 
in your head.


Dannielle Roberts 


Sometimes I just can’t get away 
from the voices in my head


Shubha Vasan


At the end of the day 
human brain is filled with 
other people’s opinion only 
no matter what.


Laura Williamson


We always remember 
the shadows of others 
who have impacted our lives
The positive and the hurtful. 
But to find peace within, 
the shadows must be silenced 
in order to become 
One with All.  


Karthik Parthasarathy


So many in my head, 
Residing as if it’s their home, 
Getting into my thoughts, 
Making my decisions as if it’s their own. 
How do I distinguish it? 
Finding my own from theirs. 
Do I just let them be? 
Letting my life be in their hands.  


Faith Dunsmuir


Those that I love 
are forever in my mind.


Roma Manglani 


A mind is fighting 
hundreds of battles inside

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