Wisepicks For 9 March

Donna McCarthy


Inner demons can
be disguised with
beautiful words.


Debbie Laney


Even serpents know
how to speak of peace.


Debra Pry


May the words
you speak,
Flow freely with
truth and not deceit.
Be wise to
poisonous words.
Not everyone is true,
That’s heard.


Lynne Kathleen Gilchrist


What is thought and
what is said are
two different things.
That of a serpent
mind may utter
peace and love.
All the while concealing
a forked tongue.




Sometimes those who
speak the nice words,
have behind them,
the deadliest intentions.


Mai Quesada


The tongue is a
double-edged sword.
It can say venomous
words but of
peace as well.
Choose to speak
in peace.


Jenus Teo


Take responsibility
over the words
you speak.


Nicole Dunham Dickerson


We speak peace,
but fill our
minds with poison.


Ashok Pande


Showering words of,
peace & harmony,
But harboring
venomous thoughts.
The kind of people,
we know but,
to always avoid.


Rinku Shah


Peace laden words,
are often heard.
It’s the intention
that matters.
The rest is
pretentious chatter!


Masud Aktary


Speak peace,
love and unity
to vanquish a
world that slithers
of greed,
hate and control.


Mani Kanta


Covering the venomous
dark shade by
colorful words.


April Camille Berden


Think before
you speak.
Malicious truths
or pacifying lies?


Tara Stevenson


Beware of the intent
behind pretty words.


Anjana Surendran


Never let the venom
of thoughts spit
off through spell.
Let them taunt.
Learn to kill them
with affection.


Sulekha Pande


A venomous heart,
often sends out
doves of peace
to camouflage it’s
evil intent.


Kamlesh Bhasin


Flight to my peace
mission from the
poisonous caged mind.

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