Wisepicks For 9 January

Happy Honey


While gadgets entertain us
Books enlighten us 


Rinku Shah 


Screen light is dim,
And darkness can be grim.
The path will be lit
When with a book you sit! 


Shubha Vasan


The knowledge light 
shines bright 
when you read.


Cathy Lovas


All that glitters is not Gold. 
Pure truth and knowledge 
are far better than 
that little screen you hold!




Light shall shine upon 
those who seek it.


Rinku Shah


If you sit to read a book
The light will find you 
in any nook!


Anjana Surendran


With the lamps of knowledge 
and fires of wisdom 
let me light my path 
to the doors of humanity.  


Mary Kirkpatrick


Young and old 
both like to read.
One needs light, 
the other speed.


Linda Mansolf


He who sits in the shadows 
will never gain knowledge


Jeanie Elizabeth


enlightens the mind.




The world lights the world 
of those who strive to 
remove the darkness within


Dannielle Roberts


Shining Light 
on the written word


Denise Williams


Sometimes the light 
chooses you; 
you choose the light. 


Shilpika Bagh


by seeking knowledge 
through books; 
or ” blur” in the dim 
of digital outlook.


Semhar Berhe


My social media addiction 
is consuming the light 
in my head.


Amy Dunn


The light follows 
those who bask in it.

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