Wisepicks For 9 February

Anjana Surendran


Those kisses
that favour you today
can be the hisses
that poison you tomorrow.


Armando Dasigo Baria


Words are like poison
that can kill a person.


Maria Celeste Lapid Roxas


Collection of bad thoughts
will lead to wrongful act.


Debra Pry


Poisonous thoughts,
breed poisonous acts.


Mercy Aranha


Evil thoughts and words
are like a poisonous snake.


Susan Fair Arakelian


You can build evil
 if you keep feeding it
with hate and dark thoughts


Nisha Patel


They slither away
but those whispers kill you forever!


Lynne Kathleen Gilchrist


My darkest thoughts
Lie deep within
To give them voice
Is to shed my skin.


Rinku Shah


Beware of who you cultivate
Not everyone shows their true trait.
A snake may shed its skin,
Still holds the venom within!


Asmiya S


Don’t produce
a serpent in your mind
by gathering evil
and dark thoughts.


Shilpika Bagh


Mind the words
that we repeat ;
as echoes back
as “bliss” or “hiss”

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