Wisepicks For 8 October

Wisepicks For 8 October

Anubha Sharma


What you seek outside, 
lies within..


Rinku Shah


On my toes,
Tired of all the blows.
I peeped in
To find all the answers 
lay therein




And she said simply 
that there’s no need to worry.
But when I looked into her eyes, 
I saw a world of melancholy.




Eyes – the human black hole.
You never know 
what you might find 
when you look into them.


Aren Faye Quetua


Physical things never fulfill 
what the eyes wants to see, 
look deeper and you’ll find 
a treasure no one can see 


Nancy Shurkoff


Look within, 
DEEP within yourself, 
for that is where you will find 
the answers to the questions 
you seek. 


Tina Bazilewich


As far as the Eye can see 
I am searching for my identity


Mai Quesada


The eyes are the 
windows to our soul

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