Wisepicks For 8 March

Milla Jay


Be careful what you say
for the walls have ears.


Rinku Shah


‘Walls have ears’,
was one of my fears,
For so many years.
Till I decided to wipe my tears,
speak fearlessly and to that
let’s say three cheers!


Christopher Daniels


There’s a ear around
every corner.


Indira Pant Singh


Walls have ears
and ears have toes.
That’s the way
the message goes.


Vandana Menezes


It was a secret,
which is now known to all .
Blame it on ears on the wall.


Ynaffit Trasmer


Be careful of the
stories you tell.
Some walls have
it’s ear at the edge.


Anjana Surendran


Everything is being heard,
noted and Counted!


Sulekha Pande


The walls listen,
from the heartbreaks,
to the tears that glisten,
the silent screams,
to the beautiful dreams,
they witness everything,
silent and stoic,
they hide everything.


Ramona Maintanis


If Walls could talk they
would tell you what they hear.


Chinhita Bose


Be careful what
you speak.
The wall has ears.
It might overhear!


SŠhobhna Kanwař


Walls walls everywhere;
Some abstract some concrete,
So always careful with your words.
Speak kind and be kind,
And you will to fear no more.


Roohi Mohiuddin


Never reveal your secrets
to anyone as
the walls have ears like
the winds have wings.
It might overhear!


Jennifer Lirazan Montibon


There are stories
behind the wall.
So don’t judge, just listen!


Jammacq James


What you say in the
darkness shall be heard
in the day because
walls have ears.


Ron Padot Jr.


All in all you’re just
another brick in the wall.


Jippa Skippa


Listen and act on your
inner guidance and become
the cornerstone of your own life.


Mercy Aranha


Don’t worry about
who can hear.
Just be good enough
to speak the rights words.
Then even if the
walls have ears,
Who cares?


Lynn Waite


By hearing words
of compassion,
it can change a brick wall.


Hina Jain


Watch your words,
It can be heard,
Corner of the wall,
Has an ear after all.


Tony Wright


Blinded by a wall of lies,
but listen carefully and you
can still hear the truth.


Melissa Anne Normand-Smith


Think before you speak
because you never
know who is listening.


Euselyn De Vera Baria


Every wall has a
story to tell.
Just listen.


Mary Esther Si


The stoic wall hears all

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