Wisepicks For 8 February

Felicia Holmes


When too many arrows of love 
are merely pretense,
a healing heart will remain 
on defense.


Justin Maxson


A wounded heart
 will block all attempts.




Need time to heal.
Not yet ready to feel.


Anjana Surendran


From a healer
 to a dealer
 experience served her
 to fence the betrayal


Semhar Berhe


I’m too afraid 
to love again


Samuel Jones


I rebuff your advances, 
to penetrate my heart, 
I learned that great lesson 
right from the start.
 It happened when I was vulnerable, 
no wiser to the game, 
was played for my affection, 
and have never been the same. 
So try all you want, 
for I’m girded to the gill, 
as I meet the daily challenge, 
by my strength and my will.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Rejection is such a surprise, when
love’s attempt meets its demise.
But, what is that behind your shield?
Your pain and sadness is concealed.


Mary Kirkpatrick


I’m disillusioned can’t you see, 
Please, please stay away from me.
Protection is what I very much need,
Your kind of love is what makes my heart bleed. 


Brenda Johnston


A broken heart
safe behind its shield
can miss new love
trying to be revealed. 


Anjana Surendran


Its the shield carved with lessons
 and footprints of yesterday 
that she protected herself from
 the treacherous world


Donna Rauscher


Guarding my healing heart.


Rinku Shah


Not yet ready to love again,
Still need time to ebb the pain!  


Susan Lathrop


You ain’t Cupid 
and I ain’t Stupid 


Sabiha Nikhat


A broken heart is numb
 to further damage.


Frances McCabe


My heart is not ready 
to love again


Kamlesh Bhasin


Betrayed & cheated, 
she moved ahead, 
behind the shield of strict attitude 
and promising herself 
never to fall in love again.

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