Wisepicks For 8 December

Rinku Shah


If only you could see,
You are no longer free.
Immobilised by
your mobile…
Is this addiction worthwhile?


Sheila Coterall


The spotlight’s on you
when you’re
on your phone,
Wherever you go,
you’re never alone.
You walk past
thousands on the street,
Yet face to face,
you rarely greet.
Imprisoned by the media,
held in a fancy cell,
No release date imminent
As far as I can tell!….


Anand Singh Josh


Something has captivated
 a fraction of you ,
Don’t let it obstruct
 the path of light
and spoil you…


Vyvienne Chamberlain


It seems like a crime
wasting your time
basking in screen light
for most of the night.
Turn it off for a while
and turn on your smile
for those who love you
whatever you do.


Rocco DiMascio


As he stood there
 within the cold light
 of his phone,
he felt reassured
 that he wasn’t alone,
 until one day
 he realized,
 he couldn’t put down,
 what prevented his eyes
from looking around.


Mary Kirkpatrick


When captured
by social media
You’ve traded in academia
For research via Wikipedia
Life without a phone
 is like amnesia.
Before it’s too late,
press escape.


Arlene Larocque Jones


A shady existence
Full of belligerence
Could lead you
down a relentless road
You will become immobile
All because of your mobile




Prisoners of this
 tiny tech in hand,
Seems like we don’t
 stand a chance.
Doesn’t matter
if we are poor or grand,
We are so glued
 that we don’t
take off our glance…


Ashok Pande


We all are,
Prisoners of,
Our own device.
Ignore the darkness of,
Ignorance and,
Let the light of,
Shine on you.


Rinku Shah


The click of a button
decides whether you
are a prisoner or free…
Choose what you
 want to be.
Utilise your time well,
Don’t be a hostage
to your cell!


Sabiha Nikhat


In the persuit
 of a Digital world,
He got trapped
 into the modern cage.


Helen Quinlivan


Imprisoned between
the weaved web
of the net and the
outside world, but you
have the choice
 to just step away
from the trap
of the addiction
 and lead a
 life of freedom.


Shilpika Bagh


Smartphones were in
 to connect you
to your kin;
to be its slave
is  a choice within.


Sulekha Pande


Looking for life
 in a gadget,
man is slowly
 turning into a midget,
captivated and imprisoned
 by technology,
this is the stark
and real face
of ethnology…


M Jeyaram


A ‘hello’ may bring
a halo on you
or a hell for you.
However strong
you may stand
your ground
Gadgets and widgets
will make you
a sticky wicket.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Prisoner of
my own devices


Felicia Holmes


The longer it holds your interest,
the stronger it’s hold over you.


Sulekha Pande
The light that emits
from the smartphone,
does not enlighten,
it imprisons forever

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