Wisepicks For 7 September

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 7 September.

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 7 September.

Wisepicks For 7 September1

Pasquale DiFava


In the light 
you shall see my strength 
for in the shadow 
you will see my sorrow.




Depression in discretion 
behind the polished projection


Jeff Taylor


A shadow cast is time past 
as the light will always show. 
Till tomorrow one never knows 
just how much the light shows 


Himank Anju 


Only the enlightened 
can see the broken  


Virtudazo Honofre Marielle


of a broken soul 


Nerisha Kemraj 


Nobody sees the darkness 
behind the glowing light 


Kayley Easterbrook


Shine a light 
upon my vulnerabilities
so that I may heal 
in the dark. 


Lisa Pfeiffer


the brokenness 
and emptiness.  


Karthik Parthasarathy 


Happy and smiling, 
That’s how I look on the outside, 
Shine a light into my being, 
You will find what’s there deep inside. 
A heart broken soul, 
Deep rooted fear, 
A heart with a big hole, 
A void to be filled nowhere near.  




Being fake is becoming 
the new trend.
Only the expected projection 
do we send.
But inside we all have 
a heart to mend,
A war that needs to end.


Darren Murphy


That which is hidden
 in darkness 
is revealed by the light. 


Rinku Shah


The Light has shadows to cast,
A thing that cannot last.
Shine on beautiful one
There are more battles 
to be won!  


Debra Pry


If you could see my soul,
Then you would know my heart.


Nancy Shurkoff 


Shine the light 
inside my soul 
to illuminate the darkness 
that hides within. 


Saamiya Taalish


Ignite your soul 
to see your inner self, 
for only then can you 
help yourself heal

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