Wisepicks For 7 October

Wisepicks For 7 October

Anna Maestas


Music can bring
life back to your soul


Felicia Holmes


We are given life,
but it’s how we live
that creates the music.


Debbie Leibold


Music is the heartbeat
of the soul.


Jessica Johnson


Our souls are alive
with the sound of music!




Love yourself.
Realize that the beats of your heart
are all the melody that you ever need.
Remember that you are bestowed
with the symphony of your soul
to comfort you when you bleed.


Arlene Dagandan Ingua


The beating of your heart
is like music to my ears.


Debra Pry


Come Dance With Me
to the beat of the music.
We will take the high notes
and the low notes,
And create a rhythm,
To the song in our soul.


Debra Pry


Without music,
we would only exist,
And not really live.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Music is the key
of my heart and sanity.


Mary Angelica Amerkhan


Let the music
heal your soul.


Robyn Goligy


My heart keeps going
because of music

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