Wisepicks For 7 March

Brenda Johnston


A healthy mind requires
constant maintenance.


Tanu Malhotra


Master your mind before
mastering others.


Debbie Laney


With the right tools
and solitude you can
change your thoughts
& repair your brain.


Shameela Alli


Fix your brain to change
your mind set and make
this world a better place.


Faith Dunsmuir


Learning is a constant
work in progress.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Our brain’s mental health,
Is our greatest wealth.


Felicia Holmes


You are the only person
that can fix how you think.


Ashish Verma


Tools of knowledge is must
to expand brain power.


Jessica Taylor


A hardworking mind
always needs a tune up
to keep it running smoothly.


Shilpika Bagh


Can’t keep the ‘head’
on straight?
‘Declutter’ for it
to think right.


SŠhobhna Kanwař


Clearing my mind,
Fixing my own thoughts;
So to start all over again.


Joanna Wood


You are the only one
who can fix your mind
and change your thoughts.


Jackie De Klerk


Digging around my brain,
seeing whether I’m sane.
Digging some more,
trying to get to the core.
Digging a little left,
looking at happiness’ theft.
Digging to the right,
what is this internal fight?
Digging to the top,
ah! here is the knot.


Sheila Cotterall


Fine tuning my thoughts
for optimum performance.


Alaine Sosa Alodaga


Work on how you think;
your performance will
greatly depend on it.

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